5 Tips to curb your sweet tooth

5 Tips to curb your sweet tooth

Jun 27, 2021Vibez Drinks

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"Ah I have a sweet tooth" that is often the phase that is banded around during post dinner or lunch. Alternatively, you might have your friends or family members constantly in your ear telling you to maintain a healthy diet. Yep, we have all been there and if you find yourself craving sugary snacks from time to time, you’re not alone!


However, a healthy diet is made up of many things. According to the NHS, we eat far too much sugar. British people are reported eat 700g of sugar a week, or an equivalent 140 teaspoons per person. Can you blame us, we all love Yorkshire tea, chocolate, scones and cornish ice cream once in a while right? Well that was just a guess but whatever way you look at it, that is a lot of sugar!


Experts believe that sugar consumption is a major cause of obesity, many chronic diseases and spike blood sugar levels.  Another notion is "added sugar". We can all be guilty of McDonald's and other processed foods for meals and snacks. Since these products often contain added sugar, it makes up a large proportion of our daily calorie intake.


So now that we understand the severity of the situation, what is the recommended amount of sugar we should be having in our diet? According to the NHS, we’ve been advised to have an average sugar intake that makes up no more than 5% of our total calorie intake.


Let's break this down, the NHS experts claim the 5% is equivalent of about 30g of sugar a day for most adults, that is around 6 teaspoons a day. A great analogy used is the equivalent of a small glass of fruit juice and flavoured yoghurt per day. 


Now, the part you have all been waiting for. To prevent overeating sugar, here are five actionable tips to help curb your sugar cravings.



At least twice a year, your body deserves a good cleanse and now is a perfect time. Eating whole foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps rid the body of unwanted inflammation and toxins. If you’re feeling sluggish or bloated, a cleanse will definitely turn things around and also reduce those pesky cravings for unhealthy snacks and sweets.Taking vitamins de is designed to support natural body cleansing and organ detoxification. It is made exclusively with raw, vegan ingredients.



It’s been said that 85% dark chocolate helps reduce appetite and cravings for richer sweets. The stearic acid in the chocolate slows digestion which increases the feelings of fullness. What’s more, is that research suggests that even smelling 85% chocolate can decrease cravings. Dark chocolate is a very acquired taste of course.



This one is simple, if you want to feel fuller longer, consume high-fiber foods. When fibre is consumed, the stomach stretches and empties slowly, keeping you full for a longer period of time. A few fibre-rich foods include: Almonds, Artichoke, Avocados, Chia Seeds, Lentils, Lima Beans, Quinoa, Raspberries and Split Peas.



Eating sufficient amounts of protein can make or break your appetite. Ensuring your daily caloric intake is 20–30% protein can increase fullness which can help hold you over until your next meal and reduce body fat. Whether the protein is consumed during meals or snacks, it’s effective. High-protein snacks are a great option and decrease hunger better than high-fat snacks. Most protein sources are low-calorie foods, so in a season where people are gaining weight, eating enough protein may actually help you lose weight. A tasty protein bar or protein yogurt will do the trick.



Ginger is great for calming an upset stomach and nausea and is known to ease arthritis, muscle, joint and head pain. A lesser-known fact is that ginger can aid in hunger-reduction. Consuming ½ teaspoon of ginger in one cup of warm water encourages feelings of fullness after meals.


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