Father & Son inspired beverage

Hi we are Eugene & Ivor the Co-Founders of Revibed Drinks

We're here to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle through our superfood infused water.

Our Story: Elevating Your Everyday

We are a Father & Son business, who are on a mission to elevate your everyday through health and well-being. Over 50% of the population do not consume enough water throughout the day. Furthermore, overconsumption of sugary drinks, results in a rise in obesity, Type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. We felt it was time for us to provide you with an healthier non-alcoholic soft drink alternative.


The Vibez Drinks recipe was born in our Family kitchen, traditionally made as a festive drink and inspired by flavours from our Caribbean roots. (Eugene) Growing up I watched my father, (Ivor) make our refreshing superfood beverage containing Hibiscus, ginger and lime for friends and family to enjoy during the festive period, creating the perfect vibe.

The feedback was always positive. My connection with this traditional drink  grew as I went into adulthood. I realised the drink had many health benefits.  Post Graduation I went travelling around South East Asia and discovered my father’s superfood drink "hibiscus" consumed not only in the Caribbean but in other hot climate countries. This sparked my interest and motivated me to start sharing my father’s beloved drink in the UK and beyond. 


Alongside my Father, I decided to create a unique tasting drink so the world could reap the benefits and enjoy, just as we did in the Patterson’s household. During the lockdown in 2020, mental and physical health were declining due to a lack of social interaction and isolation. We wanted to create something that could deliver a positive message and resonate with people - but more importantly, provide a variety of drinks that oozed health benefits, creating a healthy body and mind.


Thus, the name 'Revibed Drink' followed. A drink that delivers positive vibrations to the body, mind and soul. In addition, ingredients that are 100% natural and deliver goodness.


Our Journey So Far..

Born in the Patterson's Kitchen

Whilst growing up I watched my Father make an hibiscus drink called "sorrel" a Caribbean recipe consumed during the festive period.

Travelling South Asia

I discovered many health benefits of superfoods abroad whilst backpacking. I had eureka moment and visualised us producing a unique healthy drink.

Started Vibez Drinks

Revibed Drinks formally known as 'Vibez Drinks' an all natural hibiscus flavoured water started in lockdown 2020.

Moved from Kitchen to Factory

Moved from our kitchen to factory in order upscale production.

New flavour offerings and improved rebranding 

Present day we have rebranded to Revibed Superfood Infusions. To change the way you consume superfoods in a more convenient format.

Our Mission

Ivor and Eugene’s mission is to make superfoods accessible and convenient and provide you with positive vibes with every sip. From hydrating your body, to providing you with a refreshing drink with no hidden nasties and zero sugar.

Our Values

Empower Others

Our aim is to encourage others to be the best version of themselves through health and wellbeing

Support Communities

We support our local communities, an opportunity to connect with people and work together on a common cause

Uplift Others

To uplift others mood and to rebalance their day through positive affirmations in a world of heighten obstacles and distractions.

1% of Profits Donated

1% of Profits donated to charitable causes to improve the livelihoods of unrepresented children and adults.